Who is it for and when does it happen?

Awaken Kids is for Toddlers (walking to 2 years), Preschool (3 & 4 years), and Kindergarten to Grade 5.  It all happens while the grownups are in the main gathering. Kids stay with their parents for the opening singing time, and are then released for a fun, interactive time of lovingly planned, age-appropriate activities designed to encourage & empower them in their walks with God.

On your first time…

1. Hang up your coats, then bring your children to the check-in centre, which is located at the back of the main gathering, and opens at 3:45pm.

2. Fill out a Family Registration Form.

3. Your child will then be given a name tag, and you, a matching parent tag.

4. Join the main gathering for singing. Once the music leader gives the word, the children will head out to Awaken Kids with their leaders.

5. At 5pm, your child can be picked up with your matching parent tag.

What happens once they’re there?

Awaken Kids is planned and run to engage kids with activities and teaching they can really dig into. We start with fun, dancing, and silly things to laugh at. Once the ice is broken, kids will be introduced to the biblical story we’re focusing on that week, before moving into a time of small groups. In each group an adult leader will go deeper into discussion with the kids while they work on a craft or activity related to the theme of the week. Our hope at Awaken Kids is that the children will go away from their time with us having had a super fun time with friends, and excited to tell their parents all about what they experienced!

Awaken Nursery

Just off of the main gathering, we offer a nursery where parents can go with their babies (birth to walking).  The nursery is supplied with comfortable couches, toys and an audio/visual feed so that parents can continue listening to the service while they tend to their child’s needs.