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Jeans of Different Colours

I am genuinely frustrated. How can something as simple as telling people about Jesus be so hard? How can I hold onto the greatest news the world will ever know, and not share it? I don’t think I’m alone in this struggle. I also don’t think the solution is as simple as I would like. If it were, a lot more people would be talking about Jesus. If being more bold in evangelism just meant wearing a different colour of jeans everyday, I’d be Billy Graham… or at least his son.
But here’s the clincher: the solution is simple, and it’s only a two step process. Unfortunately, those two steps are not 1) acquire multiple jeans in different colours 2) apply jeans of different colours. The real first step is to go deeper with God. The best way to do this is through scripture and prayer. This may mean getting up early, staying up late, being really quiet, or watching the entire series of friends on Netflix at a slower rate than the rest of the office. But it’s worth it.
This is not a guilt driven obligation to read a certain number of verses a day or become a monk. This is a pursuit of the Living God, whose power is immeasurable. If that’s too cliché for you, look at John 18:6. A whole mob of soldiers falls over at the name of Jesus. Just His name. That is power. I wholeheartedly believe that if we understood the power of God and His mercies toward us, we would have a hard time not sharing it with others.
The second step is to go deeper with others. Without step one, step two can seem extremely daunting, and rightly so. I would not quickly enter a conversation where I know nothing about the topic, much less start one. If you’ve experienced God through the scriptures and prayer, you will be much better ready and equipped to talk to others about Him.
I don’t pretend to have all the answers, nor can I anticipate each life situation. Like I said, I struggle to talk about Jesus in the most ideal of situations. But I also think Pastor Daren might be onto something here…
Two warnings to close out this two themed thought. 1) There may very well be tears along the way. There will also be a great number of awkward situations where walking away would be easier. You may lose some friends. Take up your cross. 2) You’re going to screw it up sometimes. Even the disciple Peter who spent an extensive amount of time with Jesus denied Him three times before He died. But don’t get discouraged, because we all struggle. Peter became the rock on which the church was built. Surely, God has enough grace for you and I.

– Zakk Fast