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From there to here,

from here to there,

funny things

are everywhere.

––Dr. Seuss

I remember tree-planting in the mountains of B.C., being lifted with my crew by helicopter to these remote plateaus, whistling and working our way through alpine meadows, so crisp in their contrasts between the white of the snow and the green of the saplings we planted along those glittering slopes. And I remember spotting purple. “What are you doing there?” I whispered. Then walking over, I stooped down, and there amidst the scrub was this little purple flower. A being I had never before laid eyes on. Was it a weed? A thistle? Or was it something else? Whatever it was, for me it was new––foreign, inviting, and captivatingly new.

A couple of weeks ago I came upon a little verse in the Bible that felt exactly like that flower. It just kind of popped out at me like a spot of purple in the scrub, and I remember stopping and looking at it, thinking those same words again, “What are you doing there?”

It’s too easy, sometimes, to get so distracted by our grown-up obligations that we forget to chase our curiosity. Like a tree planter with his eyes always down, driven by the need to plant trees, but forgetting to look up and take in the view and really see the inhabitants of the meadows, scattered all about him.

And we do that with God’s word too. Distracted by other duties we forget to chase our curiosity.

Well beginning this Sunday we’re going to enjoy the flowers. In a little series called Specimen Scriptures, I’m going to take you on a hike from there to here and here to there, with the number one goal of showing you just a few of the specimen scriptures that have made me stoop down.

Have you ever studied the Bible like this?

If you never did,

you should.

These things are fun

and fun is good!

Pastor Daren