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The Time is Now!

Let us throw off everything that holds us back and the sin that so easily entangles…

Hebrews 12:1

In our Awaken talk last Sunday, we watched as George woke up in the wilderness to find a suit of armour, gleaming in the grass, just a few feet from his sleeping bag. When he saw it, he stood up  and hopped over, still holding the bag up under his chin. But when he read the note that was attached to that armour, what did George have to do first, before following its instructions?

If you weren’t there with us, click here to find out. But if you were, then you’ll remember the sense of God’s presence there with us. That presence is a gift––something we can never take for granted, and which each of us are called to respond to with an urgent obedience.

Now is the time for you to wake out of sleep!

Romans 13:11

Last Sunday was special, but this Sunday, I believe, will be even more so. Here’s two reasons why: 1) This Sunday some of us will be coming into our time together having already responded to God’s call to wake out of sleep. Through the course of our week, we will already have been seeking God’s face in prayer and His word, and that will make a significant difference. 2) I’ve experienced 3 independent confirmations that the talk for this Sunday has been sent by God for us in this moment.

So how can you get ready? Here are three things:

  1. Listen to the Awaken talk from this past Sunday.
  2. Respond to God’s call in that talk with an urgent obedience.
  3. Read the passage for this upcoming Sunday.

I believe extraordinary things are in store for you at Awaken. But they will not be reached without you walking forward. With obedience. With devotion. With a heart that dares great love for the Lord.

Let’s really be his people,

Pastor Daren

p.s. Check out this short talk by Francis Chan. It’s a message for us.

p.p.s. Invite a friend this Sunday, and if you want, bring a picnic to eat outside afterwards. It’s beautiful out there!