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Take the knife

By June 10, 2015awaken DEVOTIONALS

Whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory…

Luke 9:26

Are you ever afraid of receiving the knife? Do you fear that if you really open up to a person, if you open your shell and expose your pink inner heart, they will take up a blade and shove it in? To present your true self rather than your manufactured self is to open yourself to being rejected. So instead of doing that, you keep your shell closed. You keep your heart safe. You keep this whole Jesus thing hidden from view, afraid if you’re too open, you’ll turn someone off.

Jesus faced this too. He had something in his heart, or rather someone, whom he was called to share with us in his words and his deeds, and he knew if he did it, the knife would come in. He knew that if he spoke his Father’s words, if he did his Father’s deeds, that everyone who preferred a manufactured God over his Father would go reaching for their knives.

But he wasn’t ashamed. The Son of God wasn’t like the son in the mall who walks fifteen feet behind his parents, for fear of being associated. Rather, he identified with his Father, both when it was popular, and when it was not. He opened his heart, time and again, to let the world see who God really is.

Now here we are, Christians, with this Son in our hearts, tempted to keep our shells closed. Because any time we get a little too open about Jesus and his words, we know there’s a potential rejection that could cut us to the core.

But then, isn’t that just what happened to him? He took the knife from everyone around him, from his countrymen, from his followers, from his family, and can you believe it, even from his Father.

You see Jesus didn’t just come to represent God to us. He came to represent us to God. Us in our sin, us in our willful rejection of the Father who sent him. And in that representation, he received both knives––of evil against good and of good against evil. A sacrificial death to atone for our sin.

Now what does it mean to follow this Jesus? It means that every time I have the chance to open my shell and expose my Jesus heart, I will do it as an act of association, an act of representation, and most of all, an act of worship for him who took the knife. Because he took it for me.

Pastor Daren Redekopp