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What is God’s will for me?

By October 15, 2015awaken DEVOTIONALS

Have you ever found yourself wondering just what it is that God has for you in this moment? What does he want you to do, where does he want you to go, who does he want you to meet? As though life were a tangled forest filled with hidden treasures and unseen pitfalls that only those who know the secret paths ever navigate with success. But what if it’s simpler than that? What if there’s a way to walk that will guarantee that wherever you may be, you may step into God’s will? Well surprise surprise!––there is such a way, and it’s described like this in the pages of God’s word…

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

––1 Thessalonians 5:18

 No matter where you are in your life in this moment, whether you’re happy or sad, content or dissatisfied, God has provided a way for you to step on the path of his will.

Rejoice always! Express your delight in all that you have through Jesus, God’s son. Pray without ceasing! Never let anything, neither feelings nor surroundings, stop you from calling to your Father in prayer. Give thanks in all circumstances! Because no matter what ever happens to you, if you are in Christ Jesus, if you are in God’s son––everything else is details––you will be more than okay.

 What that last point tells us, is that this “secret to being in God’s will” is something more than a mere list of behaviours, because it is in Christ Jesus where they become truly effective. But what does that mean? To be in Christ Jesus? Come and join us this Sunday, 4pm at Awaken, as we find out together.

In the meantime, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and whomever you’re with, step on to the path of God’s will for you in Christ––Rejoice in him always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances. This is God’s will for you. In Christ Jesus his Son.

Pastor Daren Redekopp