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What would you like to ask?

When you read the Bible or hear teaching from the Scriptures, you are hearing from God.

—Disciples Path, Week 4

This is something I actually believe. I actually believe that when I read the Bible, and when I hear teaching that is drawn from the Bible, I am literally hearing from God. But why do I believe that? What has convinced me that when I open this particular book—constructed from all the same materials as any other book—that I am opening the word of God?

Years ago, when studying with the University of London for my Divinity degree, this question became pointed—painfully so. As I immersed myself in a curriculum written largely from an unbelieving perspective, I felt convicted that if I were to remain honest in my stance as a Christian, I had to answer this question honestly. I had to follow the evidence wherever it led.

As scary as that was, however, and as vulnerable as it made me feel, following the evidence eventually brought me to a playful sense of confidence that yes—this is God’s word. 

Now why do I you use that word, playful? I use it because if Jesus really is the capital T Truth, as he said that he is, then there shouldn’t be anything that we as his disciples are afraid to ask. Whether it’s about evolution or the age of the earth, whether it’s a moral question, an historical question, or a scientific question—as those who follow the Truth in person, the exploration of truth should be our personal playground. And that means asking questions.

So this Sunday at 3pm, we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to open the playground and have a Q & A time, where you’ll be invited to ask me your questions. They can be Biblical questions or historical questions, they can even be personal questions—so long as they relate to why we believe this book is God’s word.

That’ll be in our 3pm prayer time. In our 4pm time of worship and teaching—right before communion—I’ll be giving you an Awaken financial update. If you happen to be teaching in Awaken Kids during that time, there’ll be a handout I’ve prepared to help keep you in the know.

With you for Jesus,

Pastor Daren

p.s. Speaking of questions, if God is all-good and all-powerful, why do bad things happen? Listen to last week’s teaching to find out. I had a lot of fun with that one!